Imperial Dental Care

Went for my regular dental appointment. The hygienist was thorough to explain to me all the steps they were going to take for the treatment. This was done without any rush and patiently. As a patient this made me feel important as was being told exactly what the procedure will be after showing on their computer – very high-tech. Overall it was very professional and thorough treatment received and highly recommend them to everyone that wants dental treatment with experts.  

Simal Raicha

  After a fair amount of research I went to these Dentists for the first time in 20 years and was very impressed by their service and effectiveness of treatment. This visit subsequently resulted in 3 teeth being extracted (1 wisdom tooth, and 2 front teeth) which was carried out with local aesthetic and therefore with zero pain, and a denture being fitted. The Dentists were very empathetic and professional in their approach and walked me through all my options including the most cost effective one. I highly recommend them! 


 I needed an emergency appointment due to a very achy tooth.I’ve got an appointment the same day, every one was very kind and Professional! The treatment was done in No Time and the consultation great regarding to treatment options due to 6 months pregnancy.Thanks alot! 

Laura N.

 I have had really helpful and unbiased advice for necessary work and my dentist has been outstanding in all respects. I would say this is the best NHS dentist I have come across and very clean and modern. The ground floor staff could be a little more friendly, but otherwise very satisfied… 


Thank you for your constructive comments. Our reception staff are the first point of contact and we shall take your comments on board at our next staff meeting. As providers we are sending some of the reception staff on patient management courses and hopefully improve the patient- reception interaction.

 I have been with this dental clinic for few years. I am so pleased I finally found such a professional dentist – who is one of the best dentist I have ever gone to. They are very polite, friendly, professional and always explain everything clearly and answer all questions patiently. I have recommended them to few people already and am going to recommend them further.

Thank you for being mine and my family and friends’ dentist. Your kindness, professionalism and positiveness are always very appreciated. 

Agnieszka Kaminska

Thank you for your encouraging words, please let us know if our service lacks in any of your future dental treatment.

 I have recently joined this surgery after moving from nearby Rayners Lane. In comparison, this surgery and the service I received has been fantastic. The dentist who has been treating me is fantastic – they are polite, professional, explains things clearly to me before the procedure and during the procedure, provided me with enough information from which I could make my decisions as to the treatment I wanted to receive and even gave me a courtesy call the day after I had received my treatment to see how I was doing. I have never had such great service from a dentist before – or from any other industry really.

The surgery is new and clean and therefore modern. It is conveniently located. Although they are just across the road from my first ever dentist, I will be sticking with them! The reception staff are friendly too – which is a rare find these days.

I would highly recommend this surgery. 


It is comments like this that strive us to perform even better, we have been committed to the NHS for over 20 years and try and treat every patient with the due respect and dignity that we would expect. There is always room for improvement so please feel free if we have a void in any aspect of our service.

 What I liked
The practice is very clean and the staff are very professional. My children are registered here and feel very relaxed about coming here and getting fillings and other treatments done because the dentists are very good with children. My 5yr old daughter was using the dentist chair as a slide and started playing and I thought they would get annoyed with her but they were fine and i did stop her myself obviously!! Also the dentists explain everything clearly before they carry out any treatments and always ask you if you have any concerns and questions.

What could have been improved
I can’t think of anything that needs to improve because the service was very good, the only thing i would say is maybe they could provide some extra chairs in the waiting area upstairs as currently there aren’t enough.

Any other comments
I would definitely recommend this practice to others!! 


No one likes coming to the dentist and we believe that if children have a comfortable and child friendly approach it will instil confidence for any future treatment that they might need, if they are dentally aware it means a healthier mouth and a fast and pleasant dental visit. This gives us job satisfaction as we are constantly treating patients with dental anxieties and phobias which have often originated from their child hood. Thank you for your positive comments.